Livitrans Express Train

Livitrans Express Train

Livitrans Express Train is a newly built train connecting Hanoi and Sapa. It is considered one of the most luxurious trains in Vietnam with its equipment equivalent to a high-class hotel. The train is a joint venture between Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industry Corporation and Vietnam Railway Corporation which officially starts its operation on 1st September 2007.

Livitrans Express Train, which comprises of 9 wooden carriages and one electricity generation compartment, is expected to expand to 15 carriages to be able to accommodate 420 passengers in the near future. The train will feature sleeping carriage with 2 berths, 4 berths and 6 berths, a bar, toilets, LCD television sets on board, etc... of aviation standards.
Passengers will be also offered drinks, confectionery and newspapers for free.
With friendly staff and high class services, Livitrans Express Train will surely bring you a memorial trip to Sapa.

Special: Free 1 way picking up from Laocai station to Sapa

Schedules (Livitrans Express Train departures daily in Hanoi)
Route Departure time    Arrival time   
     Train Code  
Hanoi - Lao cai 21:40 05:10am SP1
Lao cai - Ha noi 20:05 04:40am SP2

02 Berths VIP Cabin
                      Route            VIP Cabin with 2 Beds (per pax) Deluxe Cabin With 4 Beds
Ha noi - Lao Cai US$70 US$33
Lao Cai - Ha Noi US$70 US$33

- Free transfer from the hotels in Hanoi and in Sapa to the train stations
- One way ticket are available
- Ticket price does not include meals on the train

 04 Berths Deluxe Cabin

- Please Contact for Reservation:

+ Hot-line: (+84)918.324.535
+ Email: