Cau May Restaurant is placed in the 5th floor of graceful Sapa Panorama Hotel.  While enjoying your meals, you would have opportunities to admiring fabulous views of of Dragon Jaw Mountain, Fansipan Mountain and peaceful life of the ethnic minorities people in Northern part of country. We provide numerous types of foods which are combined between European and local Vietnamese flavors.

We work closely with our local suppliers to ensure both quality and variety of the food that is healthy in the dishes we serve to our guests. All foodsuffs sush as meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits are from local organic farm, which are tested and recognized by Department of foodstuffs Hygiene and Safety. We always use the fresh materials to cook when you order so it takes a bit longer than normal. Fresh food cooking is always worth the wait. Our pots and pans made by stainless steel and we don't use Monosodium Glutamate.

For our breakfast, we provide the Buffet everyday  - you can enjoy as much as possible with many choices: Bread, fried noodle with vegetable, noodle soup with chicken or pork, fried rice, steamed sticky rice, eggs dishes, sausage, french fried, pancake...

Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner with a lots of Sapa specialities: Local pork, chicken, salmon, chayote..., or an appetizer and cocktails, our experienced and courteous staff will make your visit a memorable one. If you prefer to enjoy the takeaway food, we also can offer with many options. Drop by and enjoy our quality food and drinks at reasonable prices, a clean and superb dining atmosphere.

Sapa Cuisine Restaurant
 Our menu inspired by the traditional Vietnamese home cooking style.
Located at the 1st floor Fansipan View Hotel, in close proximity to most major areas of Sapa Town, Sapa Cuisine offers a wide selection of Vietnamese and Western dishes, all served in relaxing natural surroundings after a great day of your trek and excursion to local villages in Sapa. Hotel guests may also enjoy the summer breeze in the open-air terrace for private and exclusive relaxation, while in the winter time you could get warm by our cozy wood fireplace inside the restaurant.

Dishes are characterized by a unique combination of ingredients and cooking techniques. Freshness comes from liberal use of herbs such as Vietnamese mint, dill, coriander, lemongrass including daily fresh vegetables from local suppliers.

Spices and aromatics create a robustness of flavor. Seasoning is provided by fish sauce, lime and soy sauce, along with black and white pepper.

Like Vietnamese dining, the menu is based on shared plates with each dish acting as a component to the overall dining experience. Our local chefs passionately cook to ensure that you get more from the local life.