About Sapa Panorama Hotel

Why is our hotel in Sapa named Panorama? This reminds us about the great location of the hotel with broad views, covering all the natural beautiful scenes of Sapa Town including Hoang Lien Son mountain Ranges with Fansipan which is considerd as "the roof of Indochina", 3143m high, Ham Rong Mountain, Muong Hoa Valley,  Love Market and architectural constructions sush as: Cathenic Church, old French Villas. It is very convenience to go sightseeing to all attractions in Sapa from the hotel.

Sapa Panorama Hotel started being built on 16/08/2012, after a year promptly and efficiently working, it inaugurated on 01/08/2013 in the occation of 110 years Sapa tourism celebration(1903-2013). Hotel was formed by the strong passion and lifetime experiences of its General Manager and the Company Staff who have been paid their contribution in tourism industry since 1995, who paid the visits through Europe and stayed in many different hotel classes, who are always listening to all customer demands while running a couple of hotel in Sapa.

Fortunately, our hotel is in the central of a historical town of Sapa: In the winter of 1903, while conducting mapping measurement, the expedition of the Department of Indochina geography discovered the landscapes of Lo Suoi Tung ground and Sa Pả village. This event marks the birth of Sa Pa town.

Sapa in 1916
Sapa came into existence as a hill station during the French occupation. It was ‘discovered’ from a previous Black H’mong village in the early twentieth century and developed as a resort for French military officers, civil servants and business people. Its marked similarity to alpine areas in France and its temperate climate made it a haven from Hanoi's clammy winter dampness and sultry humid summer. In 1905 the French had collected the first information about the geography, climate, vegetation ... Sa Pa is known at the biginning with cool air, fresh and beautiful scenery. In1909, There was a resorts built . In 1917 a tourist office was established in Sa Pa and a year later, the French began construction of the first villas. In 1920, the road connects Hanoi - Lao Cai completed, Sa Pa is considered the summer capital of North Vietnam. Total, the French had built in Sa Pa about 300 villas.

The hotel is excellent value for money
with all the comforts and services of an international 3+ star hotel, including 45 king size double, twin, triple and VIP rooms. It has already become renowned for its deluxe Vietnamese breakfast buffet and along with the hotels' Sa Pa Cuisine Restaurant, which offers authentic Vietnamese and European lunches and an A la carte menu for dinner, guests can be assured of great meals in a wonderful environment.
For those guests seeking just to relax or meet with friends there is the Panoramic Café ; which a-joins the restaurant..

We also are local tour operator - who can design and operate personalised Sapa Tour Package and the surrounding area such as Bac Ha, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Hoa Binh, Ha Noi, Ha Long, Cao Bang, Ha Giang... for the independent travelers from throughout the world.

To help you plan a holiday to Sapa, we provide one way and round trip ticket between Hanoi and Lao Cai by train and buses.
Do you need car rental service for travel in Hanoi, Sapa or surrounding? We are here to meet your requirement with series of modern cars from 7 to 45 seats, manufactured date range from 2000-2007. You will be satisfied with the reasonable rental price, professional, friendly and enthusiastic driver teams.

Hotel Facilities and Services
  • 45 equipped, clean and comfortable guest rooms
  • Reversible Air Conditioner in all rooms (Panasonic Inverter)
  • Lift/elevator,
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Concierge
  • Flat Screen Television
  • Free internet service and Wi-Fi access in the room, lobby and restaurant area
  • Huge terrace cafe and waiting area
  • Complimentary luggage room storage
  • Souvenir Handicraft Shop - The Gift of Sapa
  • Rooms for shower before and after trekking
  • Massage & Spa
  • 24 hours front desk & 24 hours security team at the hotel's entries
  • Room service; Wake-up service; Postal service
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Buffet breakfast included
  • Restaurant, capacity for 100 people, features home-style local dishes
  • Travel desk service with guided tours, providing private and group tours in Sapa and surrounding
  • Transportation services
  • Administrative assistance and flight/train reconfirmation and booking services
  • Express or regular Laundry service
  • Foreign currency exchange, Free parking
  • English-French speaking and well-train staff

Our People

Sapa Panorama Hotel was designed and built by its General Manager, who has a strong passion for offering the best of hospitality. He has years of experience in the industry, both in Vietnam and in Europe, and has brought on board amazing staff who are all widely trained and experienced in all aspects of the hotel. The results? Sapa Panorama hotel will offer you not only the comforts of a wonderful hotel in a great location but also a chance to experience the warmth, friendship and efficiency of a hotel with staff ready to help you with any of your daily requests or requirements. Try to give you best things from our knowledge and understanding. All this equals a wonderful holiday with great memories. Sapa Panorama Hotel General Manager and the Team are looking forward to welcoming you!  
Mr Hoàng Văn Dụng (First name: Dụng)
Hoàng Văn Dụng
Possition CEO / General Manager
Email/Mobile hoangzung@yahoo.com / 0913 524 535
Education  Master of English language and Tourism Industry

I have a strong passion for offering the best of hospitality. I have years of experience in the industry, both in Vietnam and in Europe, and I have brought on board amazing staff who are all widely trained and experienced in all aspects of the hotel.


Trần Thị Thiết (First name: Thiết)
Trân Thị Thiết
Possition Chief of Financial Officer (CFO)
Email/Mobile finance@sapapanoramahotel.com / +84 919 524 535
Education Foreign Language and Accounting University

I am happy to be a part of the hotel where I have chance to use all of my knowledge I got from the university and working experience. I am always friendly and eager to sort out all financial things.


Nguyễn Văn Quyết (First name: Quyết )
Nguyễn Văn Quyết
Possition  Sales staff
Email/Mobile info@sapapanoramahotel.com/ + 84 916 725 787
Education Graduated from The Hotel & Tourism Technical College
About Born on 28 June 1987 - I had a dream in the Industry when I was 8 years old. I love traveling to all over the countries to get more experiences which are useful for my working. In any case, i always solve everything by a big smile.

Trần Minh Tuân (First name: Tuân)
Trần Minh Tuân
Possition Head of Hotel maintenance
Email/Mobile minhtuan@sapapanoramahotel.com / 0912272623
Education  Vocational Training College of Thai Binh

To be with the hotel from the very first days of its building process. All the electronic, water and facility system are on my hands. Any problem occurs during the guests' stay can be fixed promptly.


Nguyễn Thị Nhung (First name: Nhung)
Nguyễn Thị Nhung
Possition Front Officer on Tours
Email/Mobile nhungnguyen@sapapanoramahotel.com / 01639 918 282
Education  Vocational Training on Tourism

Nhung has been in the tourism industry for almost 7 years in 2013 and she loves it. She loves it because travel connects people from different parts of the world. She likes to learn new and interesting things about new cultures, different ways of life.


Nguyễn Hải Yến (First name: Yến)
Hải Yến
Possition  Sales Manager
Email/Mobile booking@sapapanoramahotel.com / 0918 324 535
Education Hue University of Foreign Language

With all of her talents and skills, Yen has worked for many tourism companies in Vetnam, but has found a new home in Sapa. She is hard working, loves languages, and travel. It didn't take long for Yen to fit in with our Panorama Team.


Trần Thị Thuyên (First name: Thuyên)
Trần Thị Thuyên
Possition Hotel Receptionist
Email/Mobile fo@sapapanoramahotel.com / 01685 899 010
Education Vocational Training on Tourism

A go-getter with bundles of enthusiasm, Thuyên is one of the youngest members of the the hotel. She is the first person you see when you arrive our hotel. Her brothers and sisters would have to agree her smile is welcoming and will brighten up your day. Thuyên sees the World as a giant paradise that she will someday discover.


Nguyễn Đình Tuấn (First name: Tuấn)
Tuấn Trần
Possition Website Developer
Email/Mobile IT@sapapanoramahotel.com
Education Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Tuấn is one of the people who works behind the scenes ensuring that the website is up-to-date and the we are online! As most of our bookings are via the internet, Tuấn has become one of the most critical members of our hotel.


Đỗ Văn Đại (First name: Đại)
Tuấn Trần
Possition Accountant
Email/Mobile dodai@sapapanoramahotel.com
Education Hau Can University

An accountant never trained in tourism, nevertheless, The hotel's many international visitors have inspired him to travel. And travel, is now his passion! "I can't stop travelling on my free time." He said.


Phạm Việt Hưng (First name: Hưng )
Phạm Việt Hưng
Possition Credit card payment controller
Email/Mobile admin@sapapanoramahotel.com / + 84 919 736 787
Education Dong Do University

Big sense of humor, easy going on life but very strict at work. Accurate is a key of success. Start involving in tourism Industry since 2005

Should you have any request, feel free to contact us for more information. Please, call us at +84 985 768 359 or email: sales@sapapanoramahotel.com.

Sapa Panorama Hotel & Travel Contact Information:
  • Address: 10 Hoang Dieu Street, Centre of Sapa Town, Lao Cai Provine,  Vietnam
  • Email: sales@sapapanoramahotel.com,
  • Fax: (+84) 2143 873 466 - Phone: (+84) 2143 771535
  • Hotline: +84 985 768 359

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