Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust the quality of the tours that I buy from Sapa Panorama Hotel? Reply
When is the best time to visit Sapa? Reply
How do I book and pay for a tour? Reply
What if I need to cancel or change my itinerary? Reply
Do you offer longer or more customized tours? Reply
What if I have special needs for the tour? Reply
How can I book a hotel/ resort room? Reply
When do I need to pay for hotel/resort booking? Reply
Can I make a reservation for someone else? Reply
How do I know my reservation is confirmed? Reply
I am not ready to book right now, what should I do? Reply
Can I make payment for someone else using a credit card? Reply
What currency your prices are in? Reply
Do you accept credit card? Reply
How many payment methods do you offer and what are they? Reply
Do you have electronic air tickets? Reply
I just received my flight ticket and there is a problem with it. What should I do? Reply
What happens if I make an airline booking and then do not confirm or pay? Reply
Is there anywhere in Sapa or Lao Cai, that we can get changed, have a shower, and leave luggage before our trekking? (Where to leave our bags so that we can travel light in Sapa?) Reply
Are we sleeping with the family at the village in the same house? Do we eat with the locals at the homestay? Reply
Some information about Sapa Vietnam weather? Reply
How should I prepare before going to the homestay ? Reply

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