Best Soft Seat Express Bus Hanoi - Sapa - Hanoi

Express bus Hanoi - Sapa - Hanoi

Explore Sapa Vietnam with Sapa Express offers you a shorter travelling time to visit Sapa. The bus journey is a five and a half hours trip from Hanoi to Sapa via the brand new Hanoi – Lao Cai highway giving you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of the mountainous area of Northwest Vietnam.

The bus accommodates up to 28 passengers with its luxury service including air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, bus attendant, complimentary bottle of water, comfortable blanket and pillow and free tea, coffee and candy at the pickup point.

Schedules (High quality bus departures daily in Hanoi & Sapa)


Departure time

   Arrival time    

Hanoi - Sapa

07:00 AM

13:00 PM

Sapa - Hanoi

16:00 PM

21:30 PM

Ticket price

16 USD

16 USD

At this moment, you pay more than 30 USD/ 1 way train ticket with soft sleeper and it takes you 1 night with time to wait for transit and it is hard to sleep well on the train. Now the high way is in perfect condition, you just spend 5 hours and half (included 30 minutes rest stop) to Sapa on the most comfortable and modern bus (with English speaking guide, complimentary water, wifi and transport insurance) and pay around 16 USD/ one way/person. Moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape on the countryside or mountain city that you can not find anything with the night train. More importantly, you will save time and money to spend on more trips.

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