Sapa minority group, Mong tribine,

Minority People in Sapa

Sapa is sharply stratified — almost all the businesses in town are owned and staffed by Viet Kinh, and the only trade the tribes do is on the streets in the form of handicrafts, fruits and vegetables.
The fact that the  Sapa minorities continue to live a very basic existence is partly economic and partly cultural. To them, a rice field, a garden, some cattle and a stilt house are all the prosperity they ever hoped for, going back countless generations. Homestays in these same stilt houses are very popular, of course, though some villages are more ‘authentic’ than others. The most-easily accessed destinations feel more like ‘theme resorts’ for tourists, where they get to rough it local-style, though technically they are real villages. But if you venture to the more remote hamlets, they offer fascinating glimpses of lifestyles seemingly stolen from history.

Sapa Black H'mong People

Black H’mong Ethnic Group

Black H’mong Ethnic People in Sapa - At first the H’mong people may seem quiet and shy but with a visit to their home and a family introduction the H’mong will open up with laughter, celebration, song, and smile. To be a Hmong is ...

Red Dzao ethnic group

Red Dzao ethnic group

The Red Dzao is one of the ethnic groups that live in the region. They are called Red Dzao because they always use red to decorate the clothes they wear. There are two curiosities about this tribe. The first is that you can know how rich a woman is by ...

Tay Lady

Tay ethnic group

Tay now live in villages of mixed ethnic groups, enter into mixed marriages and leave their traditional settlements to work in other areas. They have adopted other elements of Kinh culture and of the Tai speaking people, are considered the most integrated into main stream Vietnamese culture. ...

Giay Lady weaving clothes

Giay ethnic group

Giay is their name for themselves.  Neighboring Tribal peoples call them Giang, while the Vietnamese call them Nhang.  There is one distinct subgroup who go by the name Pu Na.  The 1974 census put the Pu Na total at 1,687, but they have been included with the ...

Xa Pho ethnic group

Xa Pho ethnic group

The Xa Pho are a group living in Lao Cai province in Vietnam and (probably) on the China side of the border nearby. They are few, numbering just a few thousand people, and examples of old Xa Pho textiles are correspondingly rare. They have a very distinctive and attractive dress, ...

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