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Ancient rocks ground

Arriving in Sapa, it is impossible not to mention the ancient rocks ground in Muong Hoa where is of great "god's books". The ancient rocks ground covers on an area of about 8 and a part of Lao Chai, Ta Van and Hau Thao communes, including 200 large and small stones spreading around Muong Hoa valley. It was discovered in 1925 by a Russian French orientalist Victor Goloubev. Also, scientists have found 159 large rocks with carving shapes, which are the most ancient stone steles in Vietnam.

Bai Da Co Sapa
Lines of strange letters, images of geographical map and battlefield sketch carved on rocks are the ancient people's hallmarks which are still decoded yet. According to scientists, the ancient rocks ground is a huge fund of knowledge on nature and community life. And the folk legend believed that these were mutual agreements and documents of the ancient civilization.

Bai Da Co Sapa

In 1994, the ancient rocks ground was acknowledged a national-level cultural historical vestige and put in the list of preservation. It is now recommended to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO to acknowledge the world cultural heritage.
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