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Fansipan, Phan Xi Pang or Phan Si Phang is a granite pole cutting out of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, it is the highest mountain of Viet Nam and the 03 Indochina countries with the height of about 3.143metters, it also considered as  "The roof of Indochina". Fansipan is 9km far from Sa Pa town belong to the northen-west of Viet Nam. According to the local language, the mountain here named "Hua Xi Pan", it means that "the huge wanderous stone". The fog covers full year and Fansipan is impressive and romantic place to welcome the tourists to come and discover. Conquer to the Fansipan summit - the roof of Indochina - is the dream of any adventure tourist. With our passion and hardiness we have once come over all the obstacles of weather, topography, etc., to get on the top of it. However, this tour is only applicable to ones who are strong and hardy.

Tour name Duration & Price Tour detail
Fansipan 1 day super adventure hiking (SPF001) 01 Day/US$ 45.00 Per person
02 Days Fansipan Climbing (SPF002) 02 days / 03 nights/US$ 146.00 Per person
03 Days Fansipan Mountain Peak Challenge (SPF003) 03 days / 02 nights/US$ 191.00 Per person

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