Warnings on scams at Lao Cai train station, you must read before travelling to Sapa by train

There is some cheating at Lacai train station that some guys try to see your travel voucher if you aready arrange a trip to Sapa with a hotel or a travel agent in Hanoi, then they say, they are looking for you, invite you to the bus, then force you to pay at $30 for a seat on the bus to Sapa.

They say to you that: "Please pay to me now and when you get to sapa, your hotel or your travel agent in Sapa will pay you the same ammount back". This is the bad person and He or She is not the person of the hotel or travel company.

So please do not pay for any body here, and be aware of this problem.

If you can not find your pick-up sign at the EXIT of Lao Cai train station, you must contact to the tour agents or the hotels where you book the trip.

For the one who travelling without a tour arranged before, please negociate a price for transfer to Sapa, the normal price is less than USD5.

warning on scams at Lao Cai train station
Train arrive Lao Cai in the early morning, Some cheating persons try to get into the train platform or the train carriage before your arrival.

Scam at Lao Cai train station
While your tour guide or driver who pick you up have to stay in line at the Exit of Lao Cai train station. At this train station the tour guide or driver are not allowed to get in to your train cabin when train arrive by its regulation,

Pick up sign at Lao Cai train sttaion
Here is the form of our meeting sign that our tour guide or driver will use.

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